Picking the Perfect Paint Color

Current trend reports for the home are featuring paint colors that reflect the environmentally conscious time we are living in. Leafy greens, clear blues, and earthy shades of browns have gained in popularity as we are becoming more eco-savvy. Blacks and whites with pops of color are fashionable. And beautiful rich embroidery colors are being highlighted in trend reports as well. What does all of this mean? While it's always a good idea to be well-informed, YOU are the ultimate influence on trend in your home.

The assortment of paint colors is so vast and the differences between them are so slight that they may even be considered negligible. How do you choose the right colors? There is no right or wrong when selecting a color that is appealing to you. The challenge is in selecting a color that is appealing to you, that works well in your specific setting, and flows smoothly with adjacent rooms. As a color professional, I will address all of these challenges and work with you to determine the best colors for the rooms in your home.